3 steps to get your Nordic style

3 steps to get your Nordic style

The Nordic style is all about creating a feeling. You want to get a sense of peace and serenity. Mix it up with personal items that you really love to really set the atmosphere to the room. We will help you define the most important features to get that Nordic style in your own home. 

One of the most important aspects of this is to make conscious decisions about how to decorate your home, not just go with the flow and add things just by default. This is one of our passions, not to just get caught in the quick and easy consumption of mass-market things, but to only buy things that you actually care about and that someone has been putting their love and commitment into making. Things of good quality that will last a lifetime, rather than being outdated next week by a new trend. If you at the same time get to support a small business, that's even better.

  1. Declutter your home

The simplicity of the Nordic style is based on making space. Start in one room, move everything out and just start over. It's amazing what that does to a room! It clears the energy and makes space for serenity. When moving things back in, just add furniture, art and special items that you really care for. Less is more when it comes to Nordic design.

  1. Light colours and natural materials

The foundation of the Nordic style is light walls and furniture in different bright shades and materials. Our winters are so dark, we need to compensate with white walls, to make the most of the light we have. Use white or soft grey as a base and mix it up with a variety of different shades of soft colours like pastels with a hint of grey in it. Wood and materials like linen, wool, leather, cotton and silk add texture and life to a room, and when mixed with accessories made of harder materials like glass and pottery, you get the perfect mix.

  1. Personal touch

Finally, bring out those favourite items that make you really happy. Photos of your family, your granny’s old crystal chandelier or a design classic will make you feel right at home. These are the things that represent your personal style and who you want to be.

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