Emelie Leijon never planned for a creative business. She has always been very athletic and had a career as a professional golf player when she decided to do something different. That something led to the launch of her brand E.Leijon. She moved to Stockholm in 2008 and started art school. "I've always been very interested in colour and design, and it was great to be able to explore that. I then went on to study Graphical Design at Berghs School of Communication". Her final project during her studies laid the foundation for her current collection of tableware. "I wanted to do something different, something three dimensional and decided to focus on tableware", she says. She creates her products with love and respect for the details and quality. "I believe in traditional craftsmanship with high awareness and understanding. Therefore, I'm very proud to collaborate with skilful artisans and to have the production close to me."